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8th e-Assessment Question Conference

on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

At the e-Assessment Question in London this year TAG Developments will for the first time engage an entire conference in a LiveAssess assessment task. 100 delegates will brainstorm their ideas for a bow tie using the LiveAssess software, construct a prototype and photograph it using the LiveAssess software and then video a short presentation on their final piece again using the LiveAssess software. eaa_logo_with_name_from_oct_09.jpg

The live controlled exam session will be controlled from the stage using the MAPS system, delegates will be able to see their peers progress towards completion of the task with the sub tasks driven to their devices using instant messaging technology embedded within LiveAssess. Each delegate will by the end have produced their own storyboard portfolios of their design work evidencing not just the final product of the activity but the process by which they got there.

Finally delegates will then take part in a conference wide Comparative Judgement session. This accreditation body technology facilitates a national implementaion of theComparative Judgement process, a replacement for traditional marking pioneered by the work of Alistair Pollit and Professor Richard Kimbell. In Comparative Judgement, markers are replaced by judges who are shown pairs of pieces of work online and are asked to say which one is better without reference to detailed objective criteria. The system in the background then chooses which pair to show to subsequent judges and thus refines the rank order of student work in the back ground.


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