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3rd Generation ePortfolio

on Thursday, September 16th, 2010

We believe that ePortfolio should:

  • be owned by the learner and not the institution
  • allow the learner to belong to multiple institutions
  • provide free learner accounts, institutions pay for aggregation of portfolio tasks that they assign
  • use a service based architecture not a system architecture
  • allow access wherever the individual engages with the internet
  • allow users to submit directly to accreditation organisation
  • allow the recording of process as well as product of learning


Attached to this post is our vision of ePortfolio web services: a trinity of individual, institution and accreditation bodies connected by web services available now through MAPS.


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21st Century Learning

on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010


Find out how all about our third generation ePortfolio system. See how:

  • students own their portfolios;
  • students can belong to multiple institutions;
  • institutions own aggregated views;
  • how red pen makes assessment a breeze;
  • LiveAssess for creativity and collaboration.


MAPS is not a technology. It is an approach and methodology for 21st century teaching and learning. Find out by clicking:


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